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about boygirlkitty!

(updated August 2010)
This blog began as a creative writing outlet. I was just starting to love running and I was also in the beginning stages of changing my life - I was newly married and excited about living a healthier lifestyle.

That's what you'll find the most of here: running (marathon training and just the love of getting out there, sweating, and coming back clear headed and dog-tired), recipes (we eat mostly vegetarian and prefer to eat mostly whole foods, but we keep a balance with ice cream, donuts, and popcorn), and life (house projects, trips, adventures with friends and family). 

Every week on Monday morning I host a reader recipe poll, where you can vote on a recipe for me to make. On Friday morning I post the recipe and a review. I hope you'll vote! So far we've had some delicious recipes!

Thank you for coming by and reading! I'd love to answer questions or hear feedback. Please say hi!
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A little bit about us:

the boy (Dave) and the girl (Kim):
We are (fairly) newly married and living in northern Indiana. We recently bought our first house! It's keeping us busy with projects (like painting, among other things) and yardwork, but we love it!  We want our house to be a place of blessing.
I am a running lover. I recently ran my second marathon and while it didn't go as well as I had hoped, the experience was still worth it. I'm currently training for two marathons this fall. You can read more about my races (past and present) and my running log and training plan on my running page.
I also love to cook and play with recipes in the kitchen.  In the past year I've lost 30+ pounds and fallen in love with a more active and healthier lifestyle. I feel the best I ever have!

Dave also runs, but he really loves to play racquetball.  Can you tell by his face?
Recently Dave competed in his first racquetball tournament! We're hoping he'll be able to play in more in the future!  Food-wise, Dave loves peanut butter and chocolate and pretty much anything with cheese.  He loves music, cats, shooting things with his slingshot, reading and learning, and art.

We share our house with the kitty (Mosie).  She's got six toes and a lot of personality and swagger.  We love having her around the house to make us laugh.
We like to be silly and laugh together.
We also have a serious love of ice cream and popcorn. These show up a lot on the blog (and are eaten behind the scenes, too).
So glad you're here!


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A blog about running, recipes, and everything in between. Be sure to vote in the reader recipe polls on Monday mornings - recipes and reviews on Friday morning. Please say hi and thanks for reading!
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