Saturday, August 29, 2009

fruit and blisters

My last two runs have been ugly - feeling stiff, tired... just needing more willpower and effort to run than normal. I realized that we haven't had much fruit in the house this week because it's the end of the month and we're trying to stay in our budget... which means we really can't grocery shop til September 1. But I think not having fruit is affecting my legs... it could be completely mental, I know. But I bit the bullet today and got some bananas, grapes, and peaches. We'll see if tomorrow's run is better after a few doses of fruit.

And I have two new blisters - one on the inside side of my right foot, one in the space between the pad of my big toe and the ball of my foot on the right left foot. Strange, because I haven't had blisters in a long time - just calluses. Not sure if it's the extra humidity the past few days - sweatier feet - or maybe my gait is off since my legs have felt off. In any case, not bad enough by far to keep me from running, but annoying all the same.


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