Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Since we had the day off, Dave and I took a trip to Plymouth, Indiana, to the Blueberry Festival. While there we made some unfortunate food choices. Together we split:

a basket of spiral cut potato fries

a cheeseburger
cheeseburger-1_sm.JPG (545×365)

a blueberry sundae
Candied-ginger-ice-cream-with-blueberry-lime-sauce-.jpg (580×580)

half a bag of kettle corn
img_1604.jpg (499×333)

We came home and immediately took a nap (I actually started mine in the car on the drive home) while our bodies certainly labored to digest. Poor decision making on our part, with that lunch, for sure. Then we watched the movie Big Fish, which was creative and had beautiful colors and fantastic actors, but was a little disappointing in the overall theme and idea of the movie (your life isn't good enough as is - you have to color it up with stories?).

Now we're playing with Mosie. Dave has a meeting later and I'll go for a run. We're thinking a simple, healthy dinner of corn on the cob is in order. We've both been chugging water all day, too, trying to drain the fair food out of our system. Ugh. Nothing like carb and grease overload to drain you of all physical energy.

This is completely random, but I've been reading the book Kavalier and Clay, by Michael Chabon. My friend Tyler surprised me earlier this year by shipping the book right to my door! It's only taken me this long to actually start reading it. It's so good!! Unique story, fantastic writing, well-developed characters... I'm not surprised at all that it won the Pulitzer. I'm not even close to halfway yet, but I'd already definitely recommend it.

Hoping to make corn chowder on Wednesday - expect a review!


  1. It's amazing how eating different foods can really affect the way you feel. I usually call fair food (and food like Trejos gyros in Marion, which I LOVE) sometimes foods. I don't eat them too often, so I don't feel badly if I do once in a while. :-)

    Glad you two enjoyed the day! Can't wait to hear your corn chowder review!

  2. Kavalier and Clay was definitely a good book. So, long! But good. I got kind of bogged down somewhere in the middleness, but was able to get through. And, to it's credit, it was a memorable read, I still remember much of the book months after I finished it. Hope you enjoy the rest of the story.

  3. "Unfortunate food choices"? Are you kidding? That blueberry sundae looks SO delish! I'm glad you got Labor Day off.

    P.S. What is Kavalier and Clay about?

  4. Hey, I found my name in this post. Look at that!

    And a reference to The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay.

    I bet I can guess at what point Stephanie "got bogged down." This was a certain chunk of the book that seemed a little...unnecessary and slow.

    But other than that, I loved the book.

    I'm glad you were enjoying it so far. I hope you enjoy the rest (if you haven't finished it already).

    p.s. I love the boy, girl, & kitty image. Very nice.


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