Monday, October 26, 2009

from the cube

In the cubicle today, wishing I could be out in the glorious sun and 60+ degrees (51 minutes!).

It's been a pretty uneventful day - mostly just working, surfing the internet, emailing with people, and munching my way through snacks.  This morning I drank two cups of tea, two cups of coffee, and over a liter of water - all before noon!  Needless to say, my morning was also filled with bathroom breaks!  My drive this morning was unusually sleepy - probably because I got here at 8am and it was STILL dark out.  I'm excited for the time change on Sunday, if only to gain me back a little morning light - and an extra hour of sleep!

A blog I stumbled upon and like to read talked about a November challenge called Pile on the Miles (click here to read more!).  Basically the idea is to pile on the miles during holiday season, instead of the pounds!  I thought the idea was really fun and signed up.  Click that link to sign up, too!


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