Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween!

Beautiful fall day today: cool, bright, with whipping winds!  I got a good run in this morning - finished off 10 and came home, blew my nose, then felt pretty good, so I went out for another 4!  I had hoped to do a long run today, to get ready for next weekend's trail race, but during my first run didn't think it would happen, as I felt somewhat tired and lazy.  But in that space of 3 minutes at home I got totally recharged!  I'm feeling much better about next weekend's race - even if I'm still nervous about doing the miles on grass rather than road.  In the middle of my first run I got an unexpected surprise - my friends Josh and Shannon!  Josh and Shannon live in Marion but were up visiting their grandma in Goshen.  I heard some honking and yelling behind me and it was them!  We got a quick hug or two in before they sped off.  Fun!

Despite only hitting my 45-50 miles/week goal once (maybe twice, depending on tomorrow), I still managed to get 186 miles for the month of October!  I have yet to figure out November's goal - maybe still to aim for 45-50... and to just keep running despite dropping temps and increasing winds!  Any suggestions for what my goal should be?

In honor of Halloween we had pumpkin pancakes for dinner, modified off this recipe (pumpkin instead of peanut butter).  I LOVE our big electric griddle - I could get six pancakes on it at once!  I also revisited a fact I already knew: I'm impatient.  I always try to turn pancakes waaaaaay too early.  This often results in edible but funky looking pancakes.  You'd think I'd learn after one or two.  Not really.  Most of the batch was rather odd shaped.  The recipe, incidentally, will certainly be repeated, with pumpkin or peanut butter.  Not sugary and nice and dense with the whole wheat flour.  I love breakfast for dinner!

The rest of the night we're staying in - no parties to go to, and I'm pretty excited to just chill at home anyhow.  Did any of you dress up for Halloween?

Poll: do you prefer candy corn or candy pumpkins?  Dave's a corn guy but I'm a fan of pumpkins.


  1. Sick. Candy corn and candy pumpkins are candy nasty.

    I think that 45-50 miles a day is a nice goal.

    Nice job on the 186 October!

  2. Is that why we're friends? Both impatient?
    And yay for a gym membership--that'll be fun. :)

  3. Kimmer! I found this little blog and I like it! And guess what. I just started one, too! (And like, I really just started it - like yesterday) So hooray and let's be blogging friends. Ok??

  4. I'm with dave...candy corn. Candy pumpkins are gross (he he!). Especially love them with peanuts.


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