Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Dave and I went out to dinner tonight at Kelly Jae's Cafe, partly because I got home at 5pm from Marion, and partly because it is our 10 month anniversary, and partly because we've been wanting to try this new restaurant downtown and this seemed like a good excuse.  Kelly Jae's is a tapas restaurant with an Asian flair.  They use local produce, so the menu changes pretty frequently depending on what's in season, and as Kelly Jae (owner and chef) feels like making.

It.  Was.  Amazing.

We had a cold tapas to start - a salad of romaine topped with pumpkin seeds, butternut squash, honeycrisp apple, goat cheese, and sherry vinaigrette.  It was a wonderful combination of salty, crunchy, smooshy, milky, and sweet.  The butternut squash was divine - even Dave thought it was really good!  After that we had a flatbread pizza topped with fresh tomato sauce, lobster, sheep cheese, chorizo, and apple.  Again - perfection!  And we had pan-seared endamame with onions and garlic to go along.  Everything was so dang delicious!  We finished off the meal with decaf coffees and a hot apple tart covered in caramel sauce and vanilla bean ice cream.  The apples were just right - not overcooked to mush, but just slightly still with a crunch and covered in lots of cinnamon.  And the turnover dough just fell apart in your mouth.  We left feeling full, but not heavy, which is the best.  This is probably my new favorite place - I can't wait to go back!  It's the best mix of tastes I've had in awhile - I felt adventurous and healthy while I was eating, which made it all the more fun and enjoyable!  Not to mention the bonus perk of supporting a small businesswoman and local farmers!

Now we are home and about to watch a movie.  Dave is super excited to use our new surround sound speakers that he bought with some gift cards he's acquired over the past few months.  It was the first thing he wanted to tell me about today when I got home!  And I think we might still have just a little room for popcorn with nutritional yeast topping...


  1. yeah for kelly jae's! i've only eaten there once so far, but i agree - it's delicious! :)

  2. yes~! i called it, did i not? popcorn in front of the tube? (no mention of mosie???) have fun you guys...sounds like a great evening. :-)

  3. when i visit in december can you take me there?! it sounds delicious!
    can't wait to see you guys next week!!!

  4. man you two sure celebrate a lot of anniversaries! i think you just like an excuse to celebrate! one of my favorite restaurants in baltimore was a tapas restaurant as well. there were some in la grange too but no one ever wanted to go. not sure the south is sophisticated enough to have any- lol- i will look into it. tapas dinner parties are fun too kim!


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