Friday, November 27, 2009

breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Pie for breakfast?  Yes please!  Apple pie oatmeal: sliver of pie, plain yogurt, oatmeal.  I recreated this for Dave with vanilla yogurt and some sprinkling of brown sugar.  It was delicious!!  We definitely recommend this (and will just maybe be recreating it tomorrow).

We didn't go shopping this morning on account of 1) I hate the madness and crowds 2) we didn't need anything.  We did snag a few deals online at Gap though - combined with free shipping and the $30 off we had we got quite a few things!

We are going to Essenhaus for Thanksgiving lunch with Dave's family, then hanging out for the day.  Watching Up tonight with some friends.

I'm heading out for a run sometime soon - it is 33 out, but feels like 25... so if all else fails I'll just do some sprintwork and then come in for some yoga and abwork.  We'll see.  If the wind isn't too bad I should be able to make it!  I need to go try on some running tights!!  These thin sweatpants are just not good enough!


  1. I totally ate some pumpkin bars with pomegrante seeds this morning for breakfast!!

  2. Yay, I love seeing your blog photos, Kim! :-)
    Pie for breakfast is definitely an after-thanksgiving necessity, too.

    I'm heading out for a run soon, too. It's pretty cold here in MI...says it feels like 28. Should be a fun adventure. :-)


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