Sunday, November 15, 2009

crazy kitty morning

Date night update: plans changed again Friday night!  We had Papa Vinos Panera grocery store salad!  I know that sounds weird, but the Martin's grocery store in town has a pretty impressive salad bar.  I got a big one with romaine, spinach, tomatoes, eggs, sunflower seeds, sesame chips, peas, beans, and a little sundried tomato pesto vinaigrette.  And a small side of cantaloupe and grapes.  It was delicious!

Dave and I spent yesterday in MI with friends - pictures to come later, after they post them to facebook and I steal them.  We didn't take a camera but knew that pictures would abound.  We got a long walk in the sun together, plenty of talking and catching up time, baby time, and some delicious food.  It was so good to be back with old friends, laughing.

I skipped the morning run today out of laziness... which eventually led to not enough time.  I'm planning to go this afternoon (Colts don't play until 8:15!  BOO patriots!) - it looks like it will be sunny and in the 50s.  Very enjoyable!

Currently reading William Goldman's The Princess Bride.  It is very very good.  Reads fast and is hilarious.  Definitely recommend it - especially if you like the movie!

We're having friends over for lunch after church - leftover spaghetti and bread and corn I froze this summer.  A football and reading and running afternoon - my favorite!

I'm off to spray Mosie with the water bottle - she is a big stinker this morning!  On tables, the bathroom counter, chewing cords, hands, buttons... sometimes she really is a bad little teenager kitty.

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  1. Kim! You need to start posting photos of your delicious recipes. :-)


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