Saturday, November 28, 2009

lazy saturday

Today has been one of those slow, easy days.  Love them.  Took my time before going running this morning - munching on cheerios, drinking coffee, reading.  Finally went out for a smaller run.  It was beautiful and sunny and cold!  Dave and I watched the extras from Up over lunch (sidenote: that movie is so stinkin amazing.  Hilarious and so touching.), then I took a walk to my in-laws' and the library.  Future reading material:
When Dave and I got home last night from the in-laws' we had a package waiting for us from my sister.  The sad news:
Apparently the black squirrels that frequent our fire escape really wanted in this package.  My sister sent us some peanut butter granola (Dave's current most FAVORITE thing) and I guess the squirrels wanted to munch, too.  The ziploc was completely shredded and the granola spilled out... we deemed it all "contaminated."  Dave was very sad to see the granola go.  I'm slightly worried he might plan some sort of revenge on the squirrels.  However, other fun things were included that the squirrels didn't get!  Kashi granola bars (chocolate caramel and chocolate almond) and an ornament for Mosie!  Thanks, Jilly!!
We have a wedding shower tonight - coed - at Dave's aunt and uncle's house.  Taco bar and rock band to be included.  I'm off to scrounge up an apple and some peanut butter, some hot tea, and one of those books.


  1. lazy saturdays are seriously the best.
    sorry about your crazy squirrels and granola.
    hope your wedding shower was fun!

  2. too funny! i couldn't believe that when you texted me.

  3. Wow! Those squirrels really wanted that package! I love lazy Saturday!

  4. Okay...those squirrels would freak me out a bit. Poor Dave! But how early Christmas gift!
    Miss you, love! We were watching 'Elf' while putting up our tree last night, and when I heard the line, "I just like to smile. Smiling is my favorite!" I had to smile and think of you!

  5. Who knew black squirrels were so crazy?


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