Wednesday, November 18, 2009

new nut butter!

I have heard lots about almond butter but have refrained from buying it because a jar at Kroger's costs $9.  So tonight I made my own!!
Poor picture quality... forgive me.  But look how creamy!  I learned the key is patience - just keep blending and it really smooths out!  I still might like pb more, but this is such a fun, nutty alternative!  New foods and new things to make really pump me up.

This morning while Dave was trying to do work:
 Ironically, Mosie climbed on my shoulders in the exact same fashion just as I typed this!  Silly kitten.

When I left to run this morning it was lightly raining but not too bad.  About 15 minutes in it started raining quite a bit harder, so I turned around for home.  But by the time I got near home the rain had slowly stopped. I swung past the house and continued down the Pumpkinvine Trail, a nice path near home that I really like but rarely run on (it's beautiful and leafy but normally completely empty and running in the woods without any signs of people kind of creeps me out and makes me feel unsafe).  About 10 minutes later it started really raining again, but by that point I figured what the heck.  It stopped for a bit before I got home, but I'd say 8 out of the 10 miles were in a steady rain.  I was rather wet when I got home!

Dave and I enjoyed pizza from our favorite place downtown tonight, thanks to a gift certificate from friends!  Spinach, tomatoes, and green peps for me.  Sausage, pepperoni, and tomatoes for Dave.  We happily wolfed it down while watching the Star Trek movie.  I love our date nights!

Time to get ready for bed!  I'm reading a Julia Alvarez novel, so I want to get some reading time before our 10pm bedtime!

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  1. Yay, a food photo! :-) I just made almond butter, too, and it was so good ('s already gone!). Next time, I'll make a bigger batch.

    It rains a whole lot here in St.L. I'm thinking about getting some more serious raingear. Do you run with a Garmin, Kim? I'm trying to up my mileage (finally sneaked in a 12 miler last weekend!) but I think getting one might help me pace better.


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