Friday, November 13, 2009

new shoes!

I don't need new running shoes quite yet, but I found them for so cheap today that I bought them in anticipation! ZB Sports - fantastic prices, low or even free shipping, and they donate part of your cost to charity.  Love it!

Last night we hosted staff supper at our house.  We had a last minute change of plans with the meal, and ended up throwing together some spaghetti and sauce.  (Note: apartment size ovens only have one big burner... so sometimes you have to boil your pasta in two small pots rather than one large one because you only have one big burner.  Also because you're newly married and only have one big pot... which you need for the sauce.)  I threw some chopped spinach in the sauce on a whim and loved the addition of it!  Will definitely want to continue that.  It ended up being 2 big cans tomato sauce (could not find no-salt-added tomato sauce.  Ugh.), 2 cans no salt diced toms, 1 box chopped spinach, some chopped zuc, carrots, and onion sauted together, 6 cloves garlic, dash of olive oil, T. sugar, salt to taste, the rest of my bottle of oregano, healthy dose of basil.  Everyone brought sides and we had fresh homemade bread, salad with eggs and mushrooms and feta, and honeycrisp apples (my favorite!) with peanut butter.  Followed by mint chocolate chip oreo ice cream cake!

Okay, so this mint chocolate chip oreo ice cream cake is amazing.  My friend Richele taught me this - it's simple but together makes something incredible.  Take a container of oreos and crush them.  Lay them out in a 9x13 pan.  Take a container of mint chocolate chip and let it soften.  Spread it on top of the oreos.  Freeze. Easy, right?  But together tastes way better than either of them separate (and both of those are pretty good separate!).

Now to today.  I had a nice run this morning even though a spot that I chafed on my neck yesterday rubbed even more today and now I have a bloody spot on the front of my throat.  Nice.  Spent some time with Amanda and got a quick walk in the sun in.  Now I'm home, reviewing work documents, and just washed up some dishes because I was cold and the hot water sounded nice.  I'm going to saute up some veggies soon in anticipation for the veggie chili I'll be creating in the crockpot tomorrow in MI.  Dave and I head up to tiny little Homer, MI for an annual college friends reunion tomorrow morning.  We are really excited to see everyone and hang out!  The chili will be a mix of black beans, diced toms, yellow and green peppers, zucchini, corn, spinach, carrots, onion, garlic, and cumin.. and anything else that just falls in!  Tonight is date night - were going to our alltime favorite Papa Vino's, then to Barnes and Noble to read and relax (probably with coffee and tea!).

Happy Friday!  Happy weekend!!!

**edit** in the 20 minutes or so after I posted that blog I changed my mind... now we're doing Panera and a movie at home!  Hooray!  I thought soup and popcorn and just snuggling with Dave sounded way better than a freezing cold bookstore!  We have Away We Go from Netflix - and I've been really excited to see it!


  1. sounds like a happy weekend indeed! and you are such a good hostess! mint choc. cake sounds soooo delish.

    what kind of running shoes did you buy? i'm into Brooks right now, but i keep waffling between Brooks and Asics. i'm also obsessed with Nike's new core dri-fit running shirts. they are FLEECY inside. you must try them (though a bit expensive at $50/pop).

    please do tell me how Away We Go was. i've been wanting to see that, too.

  2. hey girl! you forgot to mention the black bean brownies!!!!!!! (UNforgettable, right?!!!)

    sounds like a super weekend. you know how to pack stuff in more than anyone i know. :-)

  3. So, did you watch Away We Go? What did you think? I watched about a month ago and rather liked it.


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