Tuesday, December 1, 2009

hello, december!

November runs totaled 154.  Not my highest month, but still decent.  I'm very happy with it!

So weird that it is December already! And that it was sunny and 52 today and I ran outside in a long sleeve t and capri pants. Love that.

I bought a pair of black long underwear at Walmart this morning - I thought they could serve as both running tights (in milder weather) and under my sweatpants when it's really cold.  I tried them out today... and got about ten steps before they were midway down my butt.  So those are getting returned.  And the search for running tights/winter running pants continues...

We leave for Dallas Thursday morning!  Here's what needs to happen before then:
  1. Grocery shop.  That sounds counterintuitive, but we need some fruit and some food for the road - you know I can't go more than 3 hours without a snack.  Or sometimes 2 hours.
  2. Get the suitcase from the attic.
  3. Pack.  
  4. Finish book on CD from the car and return to the library.
  5. Go see my cousin Jodi for a haircut!
  6. Return stupid tights to Walmart.
I took care of some bills and stuff today and got some other little things out of the way.  I am so excited for time off, new people to meet, friends to hang out with, and warmer weather to run in!  YAY!!!!

Off to make dinner - we're having wheat waffles tonight!  I love breakfast for dinner!

Question: Have you started Christmas shopping yet?  I'm always behind on this... I love giving gifts but I'm not always very good at thinking of gifts to give.


  1. This is why I love gift guides! They're everywhere online now and I've gotten some really good ideas of some in the past and even this year! I've decided to do most of my shopping online this Christmas, though, because I don't want to have to bring all those presents to Texas in my checked suitcase...but I haven't made any actual purchases yet.

  2. some good running winter tights are worth the money! I found mine at marshalls and wouldn't look back.

    don't forget to update the spreadsheet with all these bootie bustin points!


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