Wednesday, December 30, 2009

where to start?

Oh man, seems like there is a lot to cover since we left.

Let's see... Christmas day I got a blister on my lip while cutting pineapple - sap from the rind flew up, hit my lip, and created an instant blister.  Super.  It's still healing... and resplitting often.  It's really comfortable (and cute).

Carrot cake review: it turned out great!  It even held together when it was cut.  Lou was so pleased to have a gluten-free option and I was proud to have a layer cake that didn't look nearly as dilapidated as it should have.  And I learned that next time I should put some wax paper on the bottom of the pan to help the cake slip out easier.  Things to know before you pour in the batter and bake it...

Our Christmas day with Dave's family was lots of fun - we ate together, opened presents, watched A Very Brady Christmas, played games, and laughed and played with little 10-month Lydia.

We got to the cabin on the 26th at about 3 and immediately Dave made a fire.  Hooray!!
I love love love fireplaces.  And then I got my anniversary present from Dave, a day early (he knows the way to my heart is by early presents... I'm never patient!).  A beautiful solitaire necklace!  (Please also note the lingering pineapple blister.)
That night we went to downtown South Haven for dinner at Tello Bistro.  When we got there we found this on the table waiting for us!
So fun!  We both started with salad - caesar for Dave and spring mix with pine nuts, vinaigrette, and goat cheese for me.  Then Dave got the chicken margharita with fresh green beans and roasted potatoes, and I got salmon that was grilled in herbs and drizzled with roasted red pepper sauce.  It was fantastic - easily the best fish I've ever had.  We came back to the cabin for the top of our wedding cake... which still tasted awesome!

The rest of the cabin time we hunkered inside as it was constantly snowing.  Dave kept the fireplace nonstop going for me and we watched some movies and lots of HGTV (we both loved the house hunting shows).  We got in the hot tub once, but didn't end up repeating it since going out on the cold cold deck and hauling off a snow-covered top made it less fun.  Still, once was great!

From South Haven we went to Cleveland and had Christmas with my family.  Tons of time with 1.5 year old Lizzie and 1 month old Clare (both so adorable!) and lots of eating (of course).  We also played dice and watched Christmas Vacation and swam in the hotel pool.  Kel and I got up on Tuesday morning to workout in the hotel fitness center and found it to be 80 degrees.  Needless to say it was a shortened and very sweaty workout.  In retrospect we joked that we should have switched to Bikram yoga instead.

Now we are home and although I miss my family already, it is good to be back in our apartment, with Mosie, unpacked and ready for a few more days of downtime.  We have a wedding in Lafayette on Saturday, but other than that it looks like this is what the rest of my vacation is going to be about (after I finish two Kingsolver books).  Thank you, mom, Kelly, and Richele!
Glory glory!  The three vegetarian cookbooks are on loan from my sister - she graciously is letting me have them for a bit so I can continue to learn more vegetarian recipes/cooking strategies.  Apparently that bottom one, Didi Emmons' Vegetarian Planet, is amazing.  I've been tasked with protecting it with my life.

I also got a clear glass tea kettle for Christmas - and might have a video in the future to show.  I think it's so fun to watch the water boil!  (Simple pleasures for me!)


  1. This is truly inspiring. Barbara Kingsolver will be presenting writers' workshops at the San Miguel Writers Conference in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico February 19-23. I just signed up. It looks like a rare opportunity to meet her. Are you going?

  2. hey girl, have you officially gone vegetarian now? I need to get more soup recipes from you. this immersion blender things sounds interesting. you're right, the whole transfering stuff out of the blender thing is a pain. you'll have to show it to me! :-)

  3. Next time you book a hotel make sure to check out to make sure you stay at a hotel with a great fitness facility. Also, please be sure to write a review!


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