Sunday, January 31, 2010

bad habit

I have a really bad habit of forgetting deodorant.  I forget to put it on about 95% of the time.  Whoops.  I've been trying to get better about putting it on for the gym, because running in close quarters in recirculated air is a lot different than me streaking past someone on the street.

Anyhow, that all came to mind because I actually remembered to put on deo before I went to the gym this afternoon.  Baby steps.

I was reading Runner's World before I went and decided to try a treadmill workout mentioned in there.  You run a mile at a "comfortably hard" pace.  Since I knew what I was in for I chose to start my first mile at my "normal" pace.  Then every half mile you increase your speed by a tenth.  You do this for 45 minutes.  It sounds simple... and it is.  But holy cow, what a workout!  I started at 6.9 and ended at 7.7, after 42 minutes and 5 miles.  I slowed down to 7.0 for a mile, then increased by .2 or .3 for the last mile, ending at 8.0.  The thought is that it keeps your body from slowing down toward the end of races, helping you attain negative splits.  I kind of ruined it by slowing down for a mile there toward the end, but I still think it was a good speed workout.  Plus, it definitely helped beat treadmill boredom.

We're having the best sandwich ever tonight for dinner.  So excited!!

January runs: 106 miles


  1. The only way I can stand running on the treadmill is to switch it up. Great job!

  2. streaking?! didn't know that's how you did it in goshen :)

  3. oh heavens, if I missed deodorant prior to a run I don't think it would be pretty


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