Sunday, January 24, 2010

fatty fat fat

Dave and I went to Sam's Club for the first time on Friday... amazing!  We got a HUGE bag of almonds, big bags of frozen fruit (for munching, oatmeal, and muesli), gum, batteries, kitty litter, trail mix, and dried fruit.  Dave also picked out a turtle cheesecake.  When we got home we looked at the nutrition information and about died:
Bad enough one slice is 390 calories... it's 68% saturated fat!  Gross!  Dave had me get out two pieces and put the rest in the freezer - he's planning on eating them every once in awhile as a treat.  I don't like turtle cheesecake much anyway (because of the nuts) and was more than happy to have a good reason to avoid it considering the damage on there!

I'm currently reading Walter Zacharius's The Memories We Keep.  It is so good.  One of those books you start and then become obsessive about reading and finishing.  I'll probably have it done by the end of today.

I made split pea... something yesterday.  It wasn't exactly soup, although it tasted like it.  I did 1/2c. split peas cooked with an onion, a carrot, 3 cloves garlic, and 1/2t. each of curry and cumin.  It was delicious and so filling!  I'm going to make more this morning to take with me to Marion for my lunch Tuesday and to just have in the fridge for the week.  I might like split peas more than lentils?

Colts play today at 3!!!!  I think I'll try to get a run in this afternoon pre-game (it's supposed to be 46!), but that depends on the wind outside and also on my foot.  I've been having some toe-tightness in my right foot, at my 3rd toe.  Yesterday while out for a run I had a moment where it hurt A LOT and then went away.  This morning my foot is a little sore and stiff in that area, so I don't want to overdo it this afternoon if it's still acting up.  It basically feels like a sore muscle or something... it's very odd.  Doesn't hurt so much as feel stiff and going up on my toes feels good while curling my toes under causes more issue.  Bizarre.

Off to make oatmeal and split peas!

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  1. Wow that is a crazy amount of sat fat. Eh, everything in moderation, right? Although I guess I'm with you..not a huge fan of turtle cheesecake, and I can think of a few other things I'd rather indulge in.

    Hope you have a great Sunday!


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