Tuesday, January 26, 2010

starvin' marvin

So my workplace occasionally offers free blood draws - if you're covered by the insurance then you just go, get some blood taken, and they mail you the results for you to keep or give to your doctor.  It's handy and free so I try to sign up for it every once and awhile.  And by every once and awhile I mean this is my second time doing it since I've worked here four years.

The downside: it's a 12 hour fast prior to the blood draw.  My given appointment isn't until 11:40AM and I am NOT happy about my no breakfast no coffee morning.  At all.

However, I have big plans for 11:45: split pea soup, bread, and oranges.  Plus I have afternoon snacks of almonds, an apple, and carrots (should I need any... or all... of those).

So until 11:40 (90 minutes and counting) I'm dreaming of oatmeal and coffee... *sigh*


  1. whew I am not good with fasting!! That's a nice thing to have offered though.

    So the carrots, I buy the pre-shredded ones and then just dump them in before I toss it in the microwave. The other option is to create some purees ahead of time, those easily blend in to EVERYTHING! Check out the cookbook by jessica seinfield

  2. Hope the blood draw went well. And you enjoyed your soup :)


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