Tuesday, January 19, 2010

top ten

Welcome to Boring Cubicle Tuesday, where we come up with fun things to occupy ourselves with for the duration of the workday.

My Top Ten Favorite Foods (at least right this minute... it might change depending on the hour and cravings)... and in no particular order because it would be too hard:
  1. Oatmeal.  I have a serious love and addiction to oatmeal.  I have them for breakfast every morning.  And in the small chance I might not have them for breakfast, I have them for lunch or dinner.  I also like them for a snack.  Or because I'm cold.  Or just because.  Oatmeal with a little plain yogurt and then any (or all!) of the following: fruit, applesauce, cinnamon, spinach water, apple pie, apple butter, peanut butter, almond butter, and anything else I discover/find/crave.
  2. Apples.  The perfect crunchy/sweet snack, with cheese, with bread, with peanut butter, with bananas, or just on their own.
  3. Cake.  Homemade or store bought (although if it's store bought I'm really just in it for the icing).  My mom's chocolate sheet cake.  Wedding cake (love love love).
  4. Almonds.  Roasted, unsalted are my favorite.  I have at least one handful a day.
  5. Raspberries.  I am a raspberry monster (which is unfortunate since they're never cheap).  I can put down a pound or more by myself, easy.
  6. Broccoli.  Steamed, with a little salt or a little parmesan.  YUM.
  7. Baba gannouj/egg/avocado sandwiches.  A new obsession.  Always delicious.
  8. Soup/stew/chili.  Loaded with veggies and beans and served with cornbread or bread.  YUM.  Curries also fall under this.  And african nut stew.  Pretty much anything chunky/stewy/soupy/beany/steaming hot.
  9. Popcorn.  How did I almost forget this?  Popped on the stove, with coconut oil, with salt and nutritional yeast to top.  Although let's face it, I don't really have standards and I'll have it any old way - from Target concession stand, at sports games in a box or bag, microwave cardboard kind, whatever. And I never stop at one bowl (or two).
  10. Reese's pb cups (or similar).  PB and chocolate?  Yes, please.
Others to mention: pesto, cookies (chocolate chip, peanut butter, mom's lard cookies with frosting, molasses, gingerbread), all fruit, peanut butter, crackers (right now we're really digging the parmesan basil Wheat Thins),  and probably about a million other desserts.

Thanks for passing time with me!  What are your favorite foods?


  1. bacon, PA corn on the cob, mom's party mix, cheese!

  2. quinoa! i LOVE it. i also bought turnips, brussel sprouts, and parsnips last night. i'm going to make a winter root stew or something with it.

  3. baby makes mommy eat silly i crave hot dogs, spaghettios, and any concoction of cranberry juice. also, yesterday i ate three choc. chip cookies in about 3 minutes...and loved it!
    i think i'm going to have to go have a snack now...


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