Saturday, January 30, 2010

vitamin D day

It has been SO sunny here today - it's wonderful!  I read some of my new Runner's World magazine this morning on the floor of the bedroom, just soaking in the sun for a good 15-20 minutes.  I also took a walk to the library and to the church - I have definitely gotten some sun time today!  While it is still cold outside it is so nice to see the sun out.  I feel like this winter has been more sunshiney than last.

It's been a pleasant mix of productivity and laziness today - got some errands taken care of this morning, hit the gym, did things around the house, washed the chalkboard at church... but also finished a book and a magazine.

I also baked these chickpea "blondies":
(I used honey instead of raw sugar and rhubarb jam for my preserves.)  They're currently "setting" in the fridge, but I'll review (with Dave's impressions, too) in the next post.  I will say that the batter tasted pretty dang delicious!  I'm thinking these have more potential than the black bean brownies, which looked good but tasted flat, dry, and obviously fake.

I also made these chocolate chip oatmeal cookies:
I tasted the batter and YUM.  These are going to be good!

**update**  The chickpea blondies are good!  Fruity and sweet.  You can't taste the chickpea at all!  They need a little more flour next time - they're kind of wet - but I like them.  Dave, on the other hand, does not so much, but he is really digging the cookies!


  1. girl, i need that recipe (both blondies & cookies)!!! save me from these terrible poems!

  2. kim- i bought all the ingredients for the chickpea brownies. i'm so obsessed w/ chickpeas, that i figured they must be delish in brownie form. :-)


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