Thursday, February 4, 2010

2 posts, 1 day: still about oats

Yes, really.  More about oats!  I had a reader request for some of my favorite oat toppings, and I am only too happy to oblige!

Apple pie oats: plain yogurt (about 1/4 or 1/3c.), applesauce (same amount as yogurt), cinnamon, splash of vanilla, little ginger if you're feeling crazy!
Apple pie oats 2: diced apple (microwave for 30-40 seconds), cinnamon, vanilla
Pear oats: plain yogurt, diced up pear
PB oats: plain yogurt, big scoop of peanut butter (about a tablespoon or more)
Strawberry peach oats: plain yogurt, fruit puree (1 bag each frozen strawberries and peaches, thawed, pureed til still chunky)
Traditional oats: plain yogurt, cinnamon

Leftover desserts are also a good idea, like apple pie.  Chocolate chips and cinnamon.  I haven't tried it yet, but I'm pretty sure a splash of coffee in oats would be awesome.  We've also got some berries right now, but surprisingly I'm not loving them in my oats.  I've tried craisins but didn't enjoy the solidness of them in the middle of my oats.  I've also done banana in my oats, but I'm freakishly weird about bananas and didn't like them in there either.

Allow me to explain.  You might be freakishly weird about bananas if you:
  • only buy 2 or 3 bananas at a time, preferring to return to the grocery store every 2-3 days to get new, slightly green bananas.
  • anxiously watch how the grocer packs the bananas in the bag.
  • feel actual anger at said grocer if they put ANYTHING on top of the bananas.  Bananas are a top-of-the-bag item, people!
  • immediately repack your groceries as soon as you are outside the store.  Bananas on top.  Resume breathing.
  • give top priority to the grocery sack with bananas.  This one does not get slung over the shoulder or gripped with three other bags.  It goes in the lone hand that can hold it out from the body so it does not bump against anything.
  • compulsively tell your husband, "Careful.  The bananas are in there" about said grocery bag.
  • want to throw up (and probably do gag) at the sight of over-ripe, bruised bananas.
  • can't make banana bread because mashing said over-ripe, bruised bananas is above your gross-factor capacity.
Okay then.  I think I've proved my point.  If any of you doubt the actual truth of the above statements... just ask Dave.  Needless to say, I'm pretty specific about my banana preferences.  Love them alone or with peanut butter or apples.  Do not in oatmeal.  Moving on.

I'm pretty sure Dave and I need to buy these in order to embrace the full scope of my Kentucky-love.  Yes?
Unfortunately, I'm not photoshop-skilled enough to paste our faces in there.  That would be truly awesome.  I'm thinking these are worth $50 each since we could wear them for Colts AND Kentucky.  Right?


  1. yes, get the rompers! haha. IU diehards have these hideous red-&-white striped pants that they wear to b-ball games. weirdos. (:

    okay, and re: coffee in oats--I've done that. It's actually not bad!

  2. Thanks, Kimmer!! You're the best! I'm making oats this weekend - I'll tell you how it goes.

  3. I'm the same way about bananas, except for the smashing to make banana bread. I can do that, I just can't eat any banana that is getting brown spots. Yuck!

  4. kim. not able to bake banana bread?!
    i'm sad. this summer when we have another bread baking/corn-shuking day i will do the banana bread part if you cut the corn off my cob again :)

    love you!


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