Sunday, February 14, 2010


Last night Dave and I went to my favorite restaurant, Kelly Jae's.  I was so excited to get my eat on!

Dave kindly chronicled the evening for me with his iphone since I didn't bring the camera (I feel weird taking pictures of food in public places).  So pictures are all courtesy of my love, who said "I'll take pictures for your blog!"  He's the best.

We started off with zesty hummus and flatbread (this went unpictured).  

For our "main meal" we split fingerling potatoes in olive oil and melted manchego (for non-foodies like me: CHEESE).  Dave had the stuffed chicken breast with jamon, feta, and lemon caper butter, while I had the sweet corn crab chowder.
Deeeelicious.  And then for dessert we had the Valentine red velvet cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate dipped strawberries.
The cake was actually just so-so.  It was kind of dry.  Don't worry, we ate it anyway.

We came home and watched an episode of Arrested Development and re-desserted.  One of my all-time favorites (in whatever season is applicable):
Mosie also wanted a taste.  Smart kitty.

This morning I baked Reese's pb cup blondies.  We're going out to lunch today with the Mierau siblings to celebrate Dave's birthday (the 12th) and his sister's (the 14th), then hanging out together.  Birthday blondies!
These are not made with chickpeas.  They are made with a whole bunch of sugar and butter and 8 pb cups chopped up.  Healthy.  I can't wait to stick my face in them!

Happy Valentine's Day!  I'm off to celebrate the best way I know how: a big bowl of oats!!


  1. i feel like a total gomer taking weird pictures in public, like of food. im sure no one cares but i still get self conscious about it!

  2. looks like a great dinner. taking pictures get easier with time. :-)

    those blondies look amazing! i would definitely eat them!

  3. Those look soooooo good. Yum!!!
    I always find red velvet cake to be dry, don't know why, but every time I have it, I always notice how dry it is. It could be all that red dye they put in it. :)


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