Sunday, March 21, 2010

back at it

After resting my foot Friday and Saturday it felt back to normal today, so I went for a run.  I had a long run on my training schedule, but (with Dave's help) decided to scale the run back a little so not to overdo it.  I ended up doing a little over 11 and my foot felt great!  Hooray!!  I'm going to stretch it well tonight and put icyhot on still.  And tomorrow I'm going to skip the gym in the morning, just in case the back and forth from treadmill to outside was part of the problem.

I did try out my new running skirt today!
Dave and I were a little worried it was kind of short when in motion?
The first mile I tugged at the skirt a lot.  But then I realized that by wearing it at a lower-rise than what I had it at, it felt way more comfortable length-wise.  And because the waistband is so smooth, it didn't bother me having it a little lower.  All in all, I really liked the skirt!  It felt fun and different, and I think in the summertime it will be cooler, too.  I'll wear it again!

Recently my brother got a free cat collar, so he sent it to us to try out on Mosie.  Our little businesswoman.
Note: we took the collar off immediately after this picture.  Mosie was not thrilled with it.  I think maybe the yellow just isn't her color.

Back to basketball!

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  1. mosie looks huge. maybe you're right abuot her recent weight gain. ;-p you look great, of course; love the skirt. :-)


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