Saturday, March 27, 2010

book talk

I'm headed out for a long run here soon, hoping that it starts warming up quickly.  When I got up an hour ago it was 29... now it's 27.  Fantastic.

Our date night last night was dinner (leftover tomato lentil chili... even better second time around), a walk, reading time, and basketball.  When I woke up this morning Dave was doing the dishes!  At 5am!

I've been listening to Laura Ingalls Wilder books on CD lately and yesterday checked out These Happy Golden Years (in book form) from the library.
I read it all yesterday.  It took maybe 3 hours.  It was such a good book, and so satisfying to read it all in one day.  Right now I'm listening to the first Lord of the Rings book - it's 20.5 hours long!  I haven't read any of the books yet and only seen the last LoTR movie.  So far I'm loving it!  The next book to read is Mennonite in a Little Black Dress.  Maybe I'll start it today?

What books are you reading right now?

1 comment:

  1. 5 am is really early for dishes on a weekend!
    glad you're enjoying some good reads. i think the first thing i'll do when the internship is over is read the stack of books that i have on my nightstand, haha. :-)


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