Monday, March 1, 2010

from Grand Rapids, with love

I tried to get a long run in on Sunday before we left for Grand Rapids but it did not happen.  While I'm not technically sick, my throat is still weird and my energy levels - especially with running - have taken a big hit.  I did 3 miles and called it done - I felt off physically and mentally.  Oh well - it got Dave and I in the car and headed to GR that much quicker!

We got to our hotel and checked in (the checkin girl gave us a formerly handicapped room that is bigger than most.  It is seriously SO spacious.  I could host a yoga class in here!) and watched the third period and overtime of the US/Canada hockey game.  We were kind of glad we were only around to watch the end.  It was fun, but neither of us love hockey enough to watch an entire game.  We were sad about the US losing for about 2 minutes and then we got over it.  We ate leftovers, explored the hotel, then headed over via skyway to the arena!  It was so nice to leave our coats and everything in the room - we just filled our pockets with tickets, IDs, a little cash, and chapstick (for me).  Once at the arena we bought some popcorn (for me, of course) and a pretzel with cheese (for Dave).  I love me some popcorn.

Michael Franti and Spearhead came on first and they were soooo good!  I'm going to be searching itunes later - I'm pretty sure I need some of his songs to run to.  And then John Mayer came on and all the little preteen girls and soccer moms shrieked in delight.  Toward the end of the concert Dave and I were both feeling it - we go to bed e.a.r.l.y. most nights and this was way past our bedtime.  I'll confess - I fell asleep for a little bit.  After the concert we walked back to our hotel and crashed out.  We slept in a little bit this morning and we're heading out soon for a big breakfast and to explore the city a little!

I know I promised pictures in this post, but all the pictures from the trip so far are on Dave's iphone... which died.  And the charger got left at home.  So pictures will come later on - I'm taking the camera in my purse for the rest of the trip!  If you're bored, we're going here for breakfast.  Scan the menu and take some guesses on what I'll get!  Or just go to the website because it's seriously cute and the food sounds so amazing!!

February run total: 130 miles


  1. did you blow a kiss to michael franti for me?

  2. i have michael's newest album if you want it kim. it's good. more "pop" than his others though. glad you had fun. was it a slow john mayer song that you fell asleep to?

  3. and i can offer about 4-5 older franti albums on cd. some live shows. for running, i recommend franti when he was still with spearhead. rock the nation is a personal fave to run to.


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