Saturday, March 20, 2010

get Kentuckified!

Earlier I showed my Kentucky garb... but then Dave surprised me with this!
We then got Mosie ready for gameday, too.  We decided not to torture her by making her actually wear the shirt.
Doesn't she look excited?  Kentucky actually doesn't play until 8 tonight, but we're ready!

Tomorrow I have coffeehour at church, so today was a baking day.  Dave helped, too!
I decided to try carrot peanut butter cookies (I used honey instead of agave).
These are the lightest, softest, fluffiest cookies ever.  Although they were good, they weren't great.  I thought they lacked a little taste?

I also made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  These had a surprise ingredient - tahini!  When I saw that I knew I had to make them!  Two tahini recipes in one day!  My (small) modifications: applesauce instead of butter, 3/4c. chocolate chips instead of 1c.
The tahini gives these a slightly nutty taste.  They're soft and just the right density.  Yum.  I expect these to go fast tomorrow - mostly because anything with chocolate tends to go first.

We're headed out for dinner at Hacienda to celebrate Erin's birthday!  Then back here for basketball!

Also, with Villanova losing today my bracket is limping limping.  Here's how I stand right now (all that red is very unfortunate):


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