Thursday, March 18, 2010


Madness, madness, all around!

Sports Madness: Basketball games have officially started!

Weather Madness: It is crazy warm and sunny and beautiful out.  I switched the screen into one of the windows so we could get some moving air in the house.  Not quite warm enough to have them all, but one is glorious.  Dave likes to assert that Mosie is a wild killer, but in actuality she has yet to brave the windowsill.  When I put her up there the noise of a passing car scared her and she jumped down.  Killer, alright.

Running Madness: My foot started to hurt this morning toward the end of my run, randomly.  I walked for a bit, then ran home (it wasn't hurting much then).  It now is hurting all the time, just walking.  Ow.  I'm rotating icing it and keeping it wrapped and compressed.  I am not happy about it.

It's also baby madness day in here, so I gotta run.  More to come later!


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