Friday, March 5, 2010

the myth became a truth

I had heard from a friend that when the Krispy Kreme store lights up the orange sign, it means donuts are fresh from the oven and FREE.  I've never actually seen the sign lit up, so this was always just hearsay to me.  Last night Dave and I were driving past Krispy Kreme and the sign was lit up!  I got super excited and quickly told Dave we needed to stop and get free donuts.  He was dubious, since he'd never heard the rumor, and couldn't believe they would actually give free donuts.  But they did!  We each got a fresh, hot, melty glazed donut.  Perfection.  (Dave is still dreaming about these.)

I've got a bunch of snacks packed and am hitting the road - first to Richele's classroom for green eggs and ham day (it's Dr. Seuss week) and then to Cleveland!


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  1. i told you! krispy kreme donuts (especially when fresh) are like crack! you can't stop at just one! evidently they allow field trips and give all the kids free donuts- we are definitely looking into it!


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