Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I found a swimsuit!  I looked at (thanks, Kristi, for suggesting this!) but ultimately couldn't find a suit I liked in the right color/size combo.  Then I hit up Speedo and found a suit on sale!  The big plus is that you can return suits to Speedo after you wear them, if you decide it doesn't fit right.  So if I do a couple swims in the the new suit and find it rubs me or fits weird, I can still return it!  Big perk!

And the back (which will also be in purple):
I'm super excited about it!  I love the fun color and I'm hoping the thin straps mean I'll have less neck chafing issues (also size will probably help).  Let's cross our fingers it comes soon!

Had a delicious veggie dinner tonight - asparagus, onion, kidney beans, brussel sprouts, red pepper, and zucchini with some barley, garlic, and nutritional yeast.  I ate it before I took a picture.  Whoops!


  1. ohhh i want your dinner, minus the sprouts just can't do it

  2. i had a ton of asparagus for dinner last night as well- good thing i don't share a bathroom with anyone (smelly pee)!!


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