Tuesday, April 13, 2010

birthday beginnings

Today I turn 26!  On to some birthday shenanigans!

Breakfast with Dave at Bob Evans:
We did not get the BOBurrito, which Dave loathes simply because of its name.

Birthday ice cream at 10am?  Yes please!
In the store we promised ourselves that we would stop after half and save the rest.  In theory this was a great idea.  In practice...
Also lots of games of birthday Boggle, my new favorite app on Dave's iphone.  I'm somewhat addicted.
And some "chickie" themed birthday presents and cards from my sister and aunt.  My family nickname is Chickie.  Check out the awesome chickie triathalon socks!
Still to come today: a birthday run and an hour long birthday massage that Dave scheduled for me!!  And probably birthday popcorn tonight, of course!

Hope your day is as fun and exciting as mine!


  1. i convinced mom to stop for breakfast at bob evans on the way home on sunday. we had the biscuit bowls- i wouldn't get it again. now do you understand why you needed that card (BIG fun)! cool socks. happy birthday (again)!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day! Those socks are too cute!

  3. happy birthday, Kinkers! that ice cream looks so good right now. yummers. Can't wait to hear about the bday run! (:

  4. Aw! Love the photos. Looks like a great birthday. (I'm sort of addicted to Prolific on Facebook, which is like Boggle, but not enough so that the developers will get sued. Supposedly.)

  5. chubby hubby?! are you kidding pregnancy has been screaming for that and no in bluffton carries it!
    i broke down and got their 'mudpie' a few weeks ago - but mistake - now i could easily be addicted to that too...


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