Friday, April 2, 2010

cabbage, oats, feet

Last night's wheels of cabbage were great in theory, but I didn't roast them long enough, so they weren't very good.
(Topped with nutritional yeast.)  The macaroni and cheese were ready and we were on a bit of a time schedule, so we just ate a little of the cabbage and saved the rest.

This morning I chopped up the cabbage and added soy sauce and sesame seeds, then roasted it again.  I paired it with a 1/4c. cooked steelies.
It was actually very good!  A nice change of pace, and definitely super filling.

When I got back from my run yesterday my foot was bothering me again.  While I was still able to walk, it felt pretty uncomfortable.  And it got red and slightly swollen.  A side by side of "bad foot" and "good foot":
From research I've done online I'm thinking maybe it's something with my peroneal tendon?  (Any nurses, etc. out there would be appreciated!)  Today it's less swollen but still sore, so I'm going to grudgingly take a running rest day.  I've been icing it and using a tennis ball to massage the area.  

We're off to Fort Wayne later for lunch at FlatTop Grill, then to my aunt and uncle's to hang out with family.  Tonight a volleyball game at IPFW, then home tomorrow!  Sunday we're having an Easter cookout with our family!  

What are your Easter weekend plans?

(And seriously, any input/thoughts on the foot injury would be appreciated - if you've had tendonitis, if you're a nurse, etc.!)


  1. I like oatmeal and some of your combinations have sounded pretty darn good, but I'm going to have to draw the line at cabbage in oatmeal. :)

    No Easter plans...I have to work tomorrow, so Jeremy and I will have a quiet Easter Sunday together.

    But, I do plan to see you on Thursday!

  2. Your poor foot! I hope it gets better soon! Keep icing and massaging it! (I am at work today, but I have been rolling a little ball under my foot)

    Traveling to Kansas City to see family for Easter!

    Found your blog via HTP! Love it!

  3. sorry about your foot. i'm not a foot expert. :-(

    my tibia/shin has been bothering me a lot lately, so you're in good company. i really hope it's not a stress fracture (i think that is every runner's paranoia), but i've never had one to know what it feels like. i've had shin splints plenty of times, but they were all front shin splints and not side, so it's different. boo!!

    oh, i emailed brooks about their faulty gts 9's. i bet that's what gave me this awful shin problem!!


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