Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dave's date night

Dave had been planning all day a date night for us - taking over the kitchen for dinner prep, being mysterious, not letting me look in certain cupboards or bags.  For someone who can't stand not knowing a surprise, it was killing me!!!  The last hour was probably the hardest (the anticipation!), so I killed time by making peanut butter granola and workout cookies.

We decided to go to Mishawaka for a little bit to spend some of my birthday gift card money!
Dave brought all the food and plates to eat on in the car while we drove.
Banana peanut butter honey sandwich halves.
Carrots and baba gannouj.
Baba gannouj, cheese, and cucumber cracker sandwiches.
Strawberries cored and filled with peanut butter and chocolate chips (super creative and impressive, right?!).
Kettle corn from the Amish farmer's market.
My plate (Dave's was identical):
And some samples from the farmer's market that Dave brought home to share.  Three giant jelly beans in strawberry, orange, and chocolate cherry.
Espresso, chocolate peanut butter, and mint chocolate fudge.
Happy picnic-ers.  (We were stopped at a light.)
Unbenknowst to me, Dave had also planned our arrival in Mishawaka to be near 7pm... because he remembered last time when we were there around that time, the Krispy Kreme sign had been lit up.  We pulled in at 6:46pm and all Dave's dreams came true again...
Free, fresh, hot doughnuts!  This is Dave's heaven.
Then we hit the mall!  The most notable purchase?
I'm excited to read this!  I also got a short sleeved purple UnderArmour running shirt and a much-needed bra.

The highlight of the night was, for me, definitely Dave's meal.  It was so creative and well done and full of things I love!  Dave's highlight was probably the doughnuts.  He was giddy at that first bite.

Off to enjoy the rainy Saturday!!  What's someone - husband, boyfriend, best friend - done for you lately?


  1. Oh this is so cute!!! So glad you two had a nice date together! :)

  2. your plates look identical to mine! did i give you some or where did you get them?


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