Thursday, April 1, 2010

no foolin'

Happy April!  Isn't that calendar page cute?  I got this for Christmas from a friend and I love every page!  March had little brown and orange birdies.  Speaking of orange and brown birdies, I saw two pairs of robins getting it on this morning during my run.  Tis the season.

Guess what day it is?  Baby day!!!

Talia made me so proud today by having a meal of steel cut oatmeal!!
I didn't try hers, but I'm pretty sure I like my versions better.

Later, we went for a walk!
Everyone looooved seeing Talia - I got tons of smiles with Talia on board.  And this harness carrier was really comfortable!  We walked around for about 45 minutes.  We would have done more, but I didn't want Talia in too much sun, even though we were in and out of sun and shade.  And it was creeping up on Talia's next meal!

I'm off to clean some bathrooms (least favorite chore, even though it never takes long) and to prep dinner.  I'm going to try roasting wheels of cabbage tonight, to go along with supper!


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