Sunday, May 2, 2010

date night: Kelly Jae's!

I've expressed my love for Kelly Jae's here before.  It's the most amazing tapas restaurant in Goshen.  (Sadly, when I tell people my favorite place to eat is a tapas place they often think I say "topless.")

Our good friends here in Goshen (Amanda and Jeremy and Erin - otherwise known as "Talia's parents") gave me a gift certificate to Kelly Jae's for my birthday.  I was stoked.  Originally, Dave and I were going to use it for lunch, since we haven't tried lunch at Kelly Jae's yet.  But on Friday night we decided to go for it and do dinner there!  Pictures courtesy of Dave's iphone!

Grilled broccolini in olive oil and lemon.
Sweet corn and crab chowder.
Edamame with sea salt.
Basil pesto shrimp with ravioli in a tomato creme sauce.
The ravioli was far and away my favorite, but everything else was fantastic, as always.  We left happy and satisfied - and for free!  Thank you, guys!!!!!

I'm roasting up some broccoli and cauliflower for lunch, then we're headed to Melody's graduation!

Oh, and my run this morning?  3 miles in hard rain.  Soaking wet, but so fun!


  1. YUM! everything looks delish!

  2. i want to go there. please please please!


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