Friday, May 14, 2010

taper starts NOW

22 miles = DONE!  3:26:53, 9:24 pace.

Mile 10: ate vanilla gingerbread Gu.  Made a rash (and smart) decision that it would be the last gingerbread Gu I ever eat.  That is just a bad idea for flavor.
Mile 12: stopped at home to blow my nose, grab some workout bars for later fueling, refilled the water bottle, and to kiss Dave goodbye, since he'll be gone til about 4:30.
Miles 12-19: in the words of Ke$ha: blah blah blah.
Miles 19-21: this marathon was the worst idea ever.  I could've kicked a puppy at that point.  Also, dude, that smell is ME and it is GROSS.
Miles 22: la la la la dooooooooooone!  It's all tapering from here!!!

I am super salty and hitting the shower.  Those last two vanilla gingerbread Gu's are up for grabs.  You want them, I'll mail them!


  1. this blog makes me really excited about having committed to a fall marathon with you. am i going to have to find a safe home for my puppies once the mileage climbs?

  2. i am not a runner, so please clarify for just ran the indy-mini marathon, did you run a marathon of your own today? you are tapering now, when do you start training for sept then? just curious!

  3. I was thinking I would love to try the gu :)

    Great job on your 22! Ha! I have had the "why did I sign up for a marathon" though on shorter runs. Uh oh. What will happen when I get up to 22? (well, 20!)

  4. Congratulations!! I did a marathon 2 years ago and I remember that last long run...I did mine on a Monday because of weekend full of 2 bachelorette parties and 2 bridal showers! I love the mocha flavored gels and the Jelly belly sport beans, personally.

    I also have a guy, a kitty and I run. I'm really enjoying your blog, so thanks!


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