Sunday, May 30, 2010

lazy bones

Yesterday was one of those gloriously lazy yet still somewhat productive days.  Since marathon week has officially started I attemped to sleep in, but only made it til 6am.  I went for a VERY sweaty, hot, humid, somewhat miserable run of 8.5 miles.  I took my time stretching, cooling off, eating breakfast, and getting ready. Then I walked to the library and checked out some books:
The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri
Interpreter of Maladies (short stories) by Jhumpa Lahiri
Too Much Happiness (short stories) by Alice Munro
Noah's Compass by Anne Tyler

If you haven't read any of Jhumpa Lahiri, you should start.  I started The Namesake around 11am and I completely finished it at 4:30.  It was glorious.

In between all that reading I dropped off the recycling and then went to the park and sat in the grass and read.  I got some sun and also got to see a deer!  At home I shared the couch with this little one.
She's all paws.

Per marathon week "rules" I mixed in chia seeds to my morning yogurt and I had a green smoothie as part of dinner.
Spinach, yogurt, 1/2 a frozen banana, peanut butter.  So refreshing!

Dave and I watched the movie 500 Days of Summer last night and loved it... well, mostly loved it.  We loved the quirkiness, the music, the acting.  We didn't really love some of the ideas/perspectives about love or relationships.  Still, I'm glad we watched it and really loved the unique way they played with different movie styles.  It was so creative and cute!

I made it til 6:45am this morning and now am headed out for a short run before church.  Not sure what Dave and I have planned for today or tomorrow - but probably lots of lazy fun!!

(Also, is going to make me go into fits before this marathon, I swear.  The ten day forecast says that June 5 will be 72 and rainy - which I love - but if you click the actual day it says sunny and 89.  I'm choosing to believe the 72 and rainy, because 89 and sunny sounds like pure running hell.)


  1. i liked 500 days of summer as well. if i remember correctly the music was really good. i posted the flatbread recipe on FB.

  2. glad to see Jhumpa Lahiri made your stack! & the color of that green smoothie is just...verdant. ha. pb & spinach combo, sounds interesting!

    I wasn't a huge fan of 500 Days, although I did like the soundtrack and wistfully staring at Joseph Gordon-Levitt and admiring all of Zooey's clothes. that was it, though.

    this weather is not at all conducive to any sort of intense form of exercise, esp. running. I checked this afternoon & it was 87 but according to, it felt like 98. hello, ozone action day! also, it makes me sad to think of all that oil in the gulf. also, it makes me sad to think how sunburned I got at the pool yesterday.

  3. I love the film the namesake . . . I want to read the book so I'm glad it's as good as you say!

    And I think 500 makes some good points and gives some needed perspective about love and what we think is love and what people deserve. I think she was sorta a jerk at the end (the wedding/engagement party), but I liked the realities of it. And the hope at the end. It's not neat and pretty and euphoric and we are all messy broken people . . . okay, enough of that.

  4. i love lazy days of reading! that's what I did yesterday at the beach.

    agreed believe in teh lower temp cause mentally it's better to assume it's all good!

  5. So happy to discover your blog! I love running and I absolutely adore Jhumpa Lahiri.

  6. I loved 500 Days of Summer, mostly because it was a non-traditional or artsy movie.

    Ugghh..that is why I never run races in the summer. I can't take the heat! Although people have told me that getting used to it takes 2 weeks.

    Good luck with the race!


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