Tuesday, May 25, 2010

looking ahead

We're now 11 days out from the marathon, which means I'm obsessively checking, trying to see what it's going to be like the day of (and praying for low humidity and low temps... especially low temps).  I'm also trying to think ahead on how I can use next week, the week of, to get myself "ready"... in the non-running sense.  I've pretty much done all my training, so the running isn't an issue.  But I want to make sure that mentally and physically I'm at my best!  Here are my rough thoughts, as of now:
  1. No sugar.  Basically this just means ice cream, my main love.  I've proven to myself time and time again that ice cream + running = terrible terrible runs.
  2. Key foods to eat: bananas, green smoothies, chia seeds, protein (especially Thursday) and carbs (especially Friday).
  3. Extra sleep.  I plan on sleeping an extra hour a day, at least (getting up at 7ish instead of 6ish).
  4. Water water water.
  5. Stretching.  
  6. Reading Born to Run, Runner's World, Once a Runner... anything that makes me excited about running long distances, that reminds me how much I love it and the thrill.
  7. Driving the course the day before, when I go to pick up my packet info.  Just so I can preview where I'll be.
  8. Reviewing my training, thinking about long runs... reminding myself how prepared I am and how much I enjoyed those long runs.
  9. No popcorn.  JUST KIDDING.  We all know this isn't even possible.
Any other ideas/thoughts for what I could or should do to get ready?  How do you prepare for a race?


  1. I'm sure it will be wonderful! Check and make sure you have everything you want for the race a day or two ahead of time. There is nothing worse than doing last minute laundry or a late run to the store for gels, etc. Also, a nice easy (slow!) couple of miles the day before can help loosen you up. Then, relax, have fun and enjoy the race!

    Lauren from

  2. I think the sleep thing is a great idea. I tried to do that for my last half but it DID NOT happen :( Maybe it will for my next one. Although, I have barely been training!


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