Monday, May 3, 2010

my new coffee mug

Have you seen this website?

A bacon mug filled with cheddar cheese?
Or how bout bacon wrapped Girl Scout cookies, deep fried, covered in syrup and powdered sugar?
Seriously?  There is some nasty, fascinating stuff on there!

I'm in the office today, with my non-baconated coffee mug, my dented tin water bottle, and a whole lot of "wish I could be outside instead of this drab cubicle" attitude.  Outside like yesterday, post Melody's graduation, hanging out with family.
It was a long day and after being gone and busy most of the weekend, I was sad to leave Dave this morning to come down for work.  Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers, audio CD helped the drive  I've got 17 hours of material there.

Jealous moment: my sister and her husband acquired six chickens this past weekend.  I would LOVE to have chickens for eggs and for playing!!  I don't think they'd fit in our little apartment very well... or enjoy the fire escape to hang out on.

What's your jealous moment of the day?


  1. Ewwww I've seen that website before! Totally gross but totally fascinating...haha!

  2. i am jealous of all the mothers that dropped off their children today (rainy day at that) at school and then went home!


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