Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dave's day

Friday night we drove to Fort Wayne to stay with my aunt and uncle.  We had a very important mission for Saturday: Dave's first racquetball tournament!

Saturday morning Dave woke up ready to go!
The tourney started at 8am but Dave didn't play until 11.  He had some time to warm up on his own.
He was ready.
Around 11 Dave started playing... and kept playing on and off until almost 7pm!  He played 8 matches against different guys, 2 games each match.  That's a lot of racquetball!
I had fun hanging out with the guys and talking to them.  My aunt and uncle came for a bit of it, too, to watch Dave play.  We took a quick lunch break at Subway together.

In the late afternoon I left Dave for a bit to hit up the hospital.  Someone else was in town that I was very excited to see!
 Mylin Hadassah Draper, born June 25.  A precious and sweet peanut!
Oh, little Mylin, I am excited for all the time we will have together!

After racquetball we hung out with my aunt and uncle for the night and this morning, watching World Cup and Wimbledon and talking.  Aunt Penny took us for a tour of her garden to help us get ideas for our currently colorless yard.

Today we're hitting up a running store to find new shoes for Dave.  He needs new ones and he's never had his gait or feet analyzed to know what would be best suited for him, so we're planning on going to Three Rivers Running store to get him fitted.  Then it's home to Mosie!

What have you been up to this weekend?


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