Wednesday, June 30, 2010

kitchen shenanigans

I've been hanging out in the kitchen a lot today!  Yogurt is currently yogurt-ing in the cooler - I used a half gallon of milk this time.  Last time I used a full gallon and it made way too much, even for big yogurt eaters like us.  A half gallon will probably hold us over for a week to two weeks, and it'll taste much fresher, too.

I also roasted some almonds:
It's been a looooong time since we've had almonds in the house - with all the craziness of late I was lazy getting over to the co-op to buy them.  And none of the grocery stores I frequent carry raw almonds.  Today, however, since I was already biking downtown for a haircut, I swung into the co-op, too!  Speaking of a haircut...
This looks shorter than it really is.  Basically I just got it trimmed up so I can keep growing it out without it getting too mullet-ish and weird.  I love haircuts.

I also made a banana-peach smoothie today, that would have been delicious except the banana wasn't frozen so the whole smoothie came out room-temperature.  Mmmm.  It was only so-so due to that, but it used up some wilting romaine and some spinach that was stanky, nasty, slimy nearing the end of its life.
Two exciting things are currently happening: we're buying a lawnmower and a sweeper!  Hooray clean floors!  Hooray for having our own lawnmower and not having to walk three blocks with Dave's parents' mower!  You better believe you'll see pictures of both beauties when they arrive (we're ordering them from Amazon).

Oh, another exciting thing?  I picked up a pots and pans separator today - and turned it into an awesome ziploc drying rack!
No more draping bags over faucets and waiting for them to dry!

And with all of that, I'm finally headed out for my run!


  1. was the milk i gave you sour by the time you got back?

  2. ah! i totally do that too, but with a paper towel rack that sits up right! way to be environmentally friendly!


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