Tuesday, June 29, 2010

need. more. coffee.

I am tired this morning.  Dave and I got to bed late on Sunday night because I was busy making the lentil-white bean salad to take to work for lunches.  Then last night was another late night for me.  I had one cup of coffee this morning but could certainly use another (or four).

After work I decided to swim instead of run, knowing I could get a longer workout in the pool than out in the roasting sun.  They didn't have the dividers up in the pool because it was open for kids to play in.  Not a problem - only a handful of kids were there playing, mostly in the shallow end and at the diving board.  No one else was swimming so I took the farthest lane by the wall and started my laps.  A little while later a woman got in to aqua jog... and despite having ample room (the kids were not very spread out) decided to aqua jog pretty much in the lane with me, or right next to it.  In the beginning I tried to hug the wall to give her room but gave up after awhile and just passed awkwardly close to her each time.  It got annoying.  But other than that it was a great swim!

After swimming there was pizza and birthday cake and Toy Story 3!  I loved the movie - so cute, funny, and sweet.  I even got a little itchy/tight throated at the end, but didn't actually cry.  Definitely worth paying the money to go see!

And this morning I ran a sloppy 7 miles.  I felt pretty tight and tired, but knocked it out nonetheless.  I think it was a combination of 1) tiredness 2) dehydration/excessive salt from popcorn last night 3) my running shoes are just over 400 miles and need to be retired very soon.  My legs are feeling it.  The highlights of the run were a pretty sunrise, cool temps, and a deer spotting - a beautiful doe (or a yet-to-be antlered buck) that I passed within eight or so feet of.  She was gorgeous.

It's back in the cubie now... man, I can't wait to go home!


  1. aww, the hot weather definitely makes my runs not as good. i ran 6.5 the other day and felt like i wasn't even moving, haha. today looks to be much cooler though, yay!

  2. i saw a baby fawn this morning too, or rather almost hit it with my car on the way to work. luckily i didn't. that would have been traumatics to say the least!


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