Thursday, June 24, 2010

stormy night

Last night as Dave and I were getting ready for bed we heard weird sirens.  We figured out they were storm sirens when we heard the accompanying voice: "There is a tornado warning for the Goshen area.  Seek shelter in the nearest building immediately."  That voice is really really weird to hear, because you can't tell where it's coming from, but it's there all the same.  Hi, God.

In any case, Dave and I quickly noted the tornado warning, then ditched the basement and sat on the front porch to watch the storm.
(I wanted a picture of us anticipating the storm, but Dave was feeling amorous.)  We love storms and I've been excited about our front porch for this very reason.  Our porch faces west so we were able to see the storm line as it moved in - so cool!  The storm moved really fast and before long we had to go inside the house - even pressed to the back of the porch we were getting wet - and the wind was cold!  Once inside we parked in front of the front door and continued to watch.  Mosie joined us, too.
We monitored the progress of the storm as best we could on Dave's iphone (service was a little slow from the storm).
Once the red line moved past we headed up to bed.

This morning we found out we maybe should have taken that tornado warning a little more seriously, as one actually did touch down about 5 miles from our house.  There are multiple trees uprooted or broken and some houses have serious damage.  Our house and trees are all safe, although we haven't had power since 9:30pm.

We did learn the benefits of a gas stove this morning - it works when you don't have power!  Therefore, coffee can still be made!  I boiled hot water and then used a camping coffee strainer to make a mug for each of us.
We're at the library now and hope the power will be on when we head home for lunch.  We left Mosie holding down the fort, surveying the sky for any incoming tornadoes.
Although chances are by now she's looking a lot more like this instead:
Did you have any storms last night?  Hope you all are safe!


  1. kim, in the future, when you hear the siren, please take cover! sheesh! they only sound that thing when it is serious and close-by! i did enjoy my gas stove in chicago for the same reasons. caroline texted last night and said the siren was going off there too. corrine and john had a bad storm go through and there's a leak in the basement. also an earthquake yesterday in oh and pa. crazy stuff!

  2. wow, look at you and your super creative coffee making skills!

    the storms just missed us here. the power flickered but never went off. a couple of summers ago, we lost power in columbus after a huuuge storm...for a week. it was not any fun.

  3. We have definitely been having storms all week. I live near Chicago, so you must be getting our weather a few hours later ;) I sometimes have a hard time taking them seriously too.

  4. Bill says, "I hope Kim and Dave are ok...did you see those storms that went through Goshen last night?"

    I say, "Storms, really?" (I slept through the sirens here :(-- )

    Then I watched the news, gulped and waited for you to blog to make sure all was ok. Glad to hear it is!


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