Monday, July 26, 2010

4H fair date

We had a busy Sunday - church, a quick lunch, pre-paint taping, a quick bike ride to catch some of the 4H fair parade, then back here to paint!  After we painted the room and cleaned up we rode our bikes to the fairgrounds - Sundays are the only day with free admission - and wandered amongst the hordes of people.  We ate some delicious fair food, listened to a bit of a concert, then rode our bikes home.  It's MUCH faster to ride bike there - the traffic and parking is crazy!  The 4H fair is a pretty big deal around here - "biggest county fair east of the Mississippi".  Tonight we saw a car all the way from OREGON.  It's nuts.

A couple fair highlights:

Mini donuts.  Fresh from the machine.  This is, admittedly, the main reason we went tonight.  Dave adores these donuts like you wouldn't believe.  He calls them his yearly regret... mainly because after eating about 20 little balls of fried dough he feels sick... but still can't stop.
These old people at the concert were awesome.  The old man was rocking back and forth, grooving to the beat, and the lady pulled out a cell phone with a full qwerty keyboard and started taking pictures.  We were impressed by how hip they were.
This is Dave and I, so you know there's got to be ice cream involved.  The best deal at the fair - a giant bowl for $2.50.
We got home and I grabbed some laundry from the dryer to fold.  Mosie helped.
She's too cute.

The bedroom still needs one more coat of paint before it's finished - I'll wait to post pictures until it's fully done.  But we've decided painting is kind of fun!  And it wasn't as nearly as messy or time consuming as I expected... except for the taping part.

Are you working on any house projects right now?

I'll post the CSNStores giveaway winner at lunch!


  1. tell dave that my local flea market sells those donuts every weekend! i think they may lace them with crack!

  2. Aww, Mosie.

    I love fair donuts too. Thank heavens they aren't vegan. Ha!

    Love that old couple! A full qwerty keyboard is impressive!

    No house projects for us, thankfully!


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