Saturday, July 17, 2010

freezing corn

Is it too late to post breakfast pictures?  Do you get tired of my breakfast scrambles?  Because I never do.
Today was red potato, broccoli stems (I like to roast the florets and use the stems diced small in stirfrys and skillet dishes), onion, zucchini, and egg.  It was awesome.  If you haven't tried veggies for breakfast, do it!  It's way better than you would think and it really holds you over!

Before we left for Iowa I needed to freeze some corn.  I had bought two dozen from an Amish farm last week and had shucked them on Wednesday, but didn't have time to get them boiled, sliced off the cob, and bagged before work on Thursday.  So this morning I wanted to get it done before the ears went bad.  Unfortunately, these ears were pretty small and dinky.  I think the corn will be okay, but they definitely weren't the most robust of ears.  Still, it's early in the season.  And now I have three small ziplocs of corn in the freezer.  It's a start!  I'm hoping to get a lot of corn frozen this year.
By now we're hopefully out of Indiana and well across Illinois.  I can't wait to get to Iowa and see our friends!!


  1. freezing corn....great idea!

  2. That breakfast scramble looks really, really good. Might be time for a break from the endless parade of honey-nut cheerios.

    Would like to work some Yassos into my training plan as well, but can't find a track that's not locked up with no-trespassing signs. Apparently all of the tracks have been deemed sacred ground ... or something like that.


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