Thursday, July 29, 2010

good morning!

New headphones!
And two new songs on the ipod: Right as Rain by Adele and California Gurls by Katy Perry.

Last night Dave and I finished painting the bedroom!  As soon as I get the drop cloths picked up I'll take some pictures.  It will be so nice to have one room finished!  Well, at least mostly finished... we might still need a lamp or something in there.

While I really do enjoy painting I'm glad we're finished for now.  My right hand is really sore from holding the paintbrush (I did trimming while Dave rolled) - signs I'm getting old.  I've broken my right wrist 3 times and I'm pretty sure I have some carpal tunnel or arthritis as a result - having to hold on to anything for too long (a paring knife, a paint brush, etc.) makes my hand sore and tight.  Ouch!

Be back later with pictures!


  1. you need to try the alice ann solution. you get some of that foam tube with a hole in the middle. slip it over handles, like paint brushes or mixing spoons, etc which gives you a fatter surface to grip which is easier on your hands if you've got arthritis. or just wrap a dish towel around the handle and tape it in place. anything that will prevent your hands from gripping down so tightly.

  2. "our skin's so hot we'll melt your popsicle!"


  3. new running song suggestion:
    5,6,7,8 by Step


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