Monday, July 19, 2010


We just got home a little bit ago, happy to be out of the car.  Dave and Mosie are already playing together and we're getting ready for bed soon!  But first, a few pictures from our trip, with some words in between.

Me and my new BFF, Abby.  Cuddly, funny little girls are the best.
 The most amazing bulk Amish food store - this is my heaven.
Millet for $.75, cracked wheat for $.75, tons of steel cut oats for cheap, yeast, corn flaxseed chips, and the most amazing sweet/salty trail mix (it was demolished somewhere in the middle of Illinois).
But Amish stores demand modesty (we thought this sign was pretty funny).
 The cheese factory where we sampled tons and tons of cheese and watched the making of cheese curds.
 And ate cheese curds.
A delicious Amish bakery with the best doughnuts Dave has ever had (yes, even better than hot Krispy Kreme!)
We hung out with the cutest, best behaved kids, and their two crazy, hilarious, smart, and sweet parents.
 We saw the future home of Captain Kirk in Riverside, IA.
Basically, we adored our time with our friends and maybe fell just a little bit in love with Iowa.
Those pictures can't even capture the sky, the fields, the hills, the beauty.  And I didn't even mention the cute cats, the morning run with Julie and Melissa, the table ping pong, or the delicious pesto pasta or chicken coconut curry!

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  1. It was so fun to see our area through new eyes. Abby is missing you today. :(


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