Thursday, July 8, 2010

meal plan

I leave tomorrow for Pennsylvania for a girls' weekend with my mom and sisters.  I can't wait!  (Wish you could come, Jilly!!)  I want to make a few meals today to leave in the fridge for Dave so he doesn't starve exist solely on scrambled eggs, bowls of cereal, and chocolate chips.  I'm not quite sure what to make!  Any ideas?

Currently our shower curtain is swishing away in the washer.  The previous owner left the curtain - a nice white waffle-weave.  It matches the bathroom perfectly but has a few small stains.  I put some of Grandma's Spot Remover on it (have you heard of this stuff?  It works wonders!) and am hoping they all come out.
Before my parents left on Tuesday (while Dave and I were both at work) they hung up our porch swing!
How awesome is that?  We think it's an antique... but in really good shape!  I love it.

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  1. Whenever I'm away for a weekend I tend to leave a healthy sort of casserole or some soup in the Crockpot, a heat & serve sort of thing, and grab a bag of lettuce or some microwave/steam-able veggies. Rachael Ray and Cooking Light both have some good, different sorts of casseroles/soups, sans cream soups & with fresh veggies and some lower-fat beef or ground turkey (Rachael Ray's Italian shepherd's pie is so good!). Maybe minestrone to use up some summer veggies with some fresh bread?


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