Friday, July 9, 2010

mixed bag

That 17 miles is proving to be rather difficult for me to attain.  My run this morning started out mixed - my stomach felt kind of iffy but I thought it would pass, it was only about 70 degrees (nice!), but the humidity was at 90%.  So it was kind of a duathlon of swimming and running, right?  In an effort to avoid the rampant deer flies that are out in full force in some of the more wooded areas, I altered my route to take me past the house.  I figured I could fill up my waterbottle there before finishing the last loop.  The run was an odd combination of puke-burps,  feeling great, and also feeling like the humidity was wiping me out (visions of the marathon danced in my head).  I hit home at 9 miles... and stayed home.  Running fail.  

But moving on to better things - by now I'm on the road, headed to PA.  No doubt I'll finish the third Lord of the Rings (finally!).  Here we go!!

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