Friday, July 23, 2010

new music

I bought two new songs off itunes today: Eric Hutchinson's Rock and Roll and Shakira's Waka Waka (This Time for Africa).  I'm excited to put them on my running mix for tomorrow's long run!

Other current running song favorites?

Our God - Chris Tomlin
Hey Soul, Sister - Train
Replay - Iyaz
deja vu - Beyonce

I tend to just put them on repeat a lot.  My last long run I ran the entire time with my ipod in my pocket, but never got it out to listen.  I think I will tomorrow, especially with these new songs, but we'll see.

When I did my yassos on Wednesday I discovered only the left earbud of my headphones is working.  Whoops.

What song are you really digging right now?


  1. my earbuds did that and so i bought new ones and checked the old ones again before i threw them away and they worked. let me know if you want mine! =)

  2. I had to download Gettin' Over You this week. And California Gurls :)

  3. Today I heard "Old and In Love" it was written by someone at our old church in GA. I have been singing it all day!


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