Saturday, July 24, 2010

oh my humid

My mom grew up in eastern PA, in Amish country, and would often use the Pennsylvania Dutch expression of "wringin' wet sweaty" (except in PA Dutch you swap your W's for V's so it was "vringin' vet sveaty").  I've used that expression, too, after a good run or a really hot day.  This morning, though, I actually experienced it full-on.
That's just one squeeze from my shirt.  I got about another 4 fistfuls off it before I moved on to my shorts, where sweat was dripping off the leg hem.  Note: while it was cloudy this morning I never did get rained on.  This was allllll me.

I'm pretty sure this means I need to eat a lot of popcorn today to replenish my salt stores.  What a hardship...

Despite the intense humidity, I was able to get out the 20 miles I needed for this weekend, albeit at a slower pace than I normally go (10:15/mile - includes water/fuel breaks).  I had previously hoped to do around 21 or 22, but when 20 rolled around I was definitely ready to be done and to shower.  I ate a large handful of raisins throughout the run (at 3 different points) and stopped for water 4 or 5 times.  My route was pretty boring and repetitive, but it allowed me to pass a water fountain every 3-4 miles, so I just did the loops and enjoyed having my hands free of water bottles.  Also, I think I'm addicted to Shakira's Waka Waka.  I listened to it upwards of 10 times on my run.  Loooooove it.

This also means I ran 20 miles twice this week, since my long run from last weekend ended up happening on Tuesday.  Maybe a nap needs to happen, along with that popcorn.


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