Saturday, July 3, 2010

a table!

Dave and I had a quick and easy dinner last night - leftover split pea soup for me and peanut butter french toast and scrambled eggs for him.  We also split brownie sundaes - banana soft serve ice cream with double chocolate single chin brownies.  Those brownies were quick to make and really good.  Not overly sweet, kind of cakey, a little fudgy.  After our dessert it was time for Date Night At Lowe's!  Now we know we're homeowners!

I love the smell of hardware stores.  Anyone else?

We picked up three ceiling fans for the house - one to replace the ugly white and gold one in our bedroom and two to install in the attic rooms.  We also got some fire extinguishers - if we have one on the first and second floors our home insurance is reduced!  Other random items: work gloves (for cleaning out the gutters) and a carbon monoxide/fire alarm.  Excitement.

After Lowe's we decided, on a whim, to hit up Pier 1 to see what their outdoor furniture looked like.  Answer: it looked nice but it cost waaaay too much.  However, we found a dining room table!  We loved it, it was on sale... and we got the ladies working to go down an extra 25% on it since it was the floor model!  We found it at 8pm, quickly called up our brother in law and picked up his truck, grabbed Dave's dad to be our helper, and got the table bought and out of the store at 9pm when they closed!

We love it!  Now we'll just have to find some more chairs or benches.
 Not two minutes after we had it in Mosie came a-stinkering.
We quickly ousted her from the tabletop.

I'm headed out for a long run.  And then my parents come to visit!  They'll arrive about 3pm and my aunt and uncle will be here about 1:30.  We're planning a day of catching up, house projects, and a trip to a local 1950's diner.  I better get moving!


  1. Yay! Being a homeowner is so exciting. I can barely wait until I have an apt to call my own. :-) Can't wait to see how you decorate and such!

  2. Are you talking about South Side Soda Shop? I love that place!


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