Wednesday, July 28, 2010

since I've been gone

Exciting things happening at the house this week while I'm away at the office!  (Please excuse the sub-par quality of pictures.)

Our new mattress was delivered!
My new umbrella clothes stand came!
Unboxed, the stand will look like this:
Household Essentials P1900 3-Arm Portable Umbrella Clothing Dryer
We chose a portable one so we could easily set it up inside on rainy days or in the winter!

Dave also sent me this picture of a movie he saw at the library. 
No, really, kids actually really do like this movie!  Ha!  Advertising FAIL.

I had the most amazing breakfast this morning.  Pesto scrambled eggs with green pepper, leftover roasted broccoli, and a white peach.  Glory glory.

That's all for now!


  1. the way you phrased dave seeing that movie at the library made it sound like he watched it while you were gone :)

  2. That mattress looks fine! Have you tried laying down on it before buying? That's the secret to getting the right bed for you. You need to feel it first. I am personally picky when it comes to purchasing my own mattress, because I consider the fact that I will be spending a lot of my time relaxing on that mattress, so it has to be the right one for my sleeping pattern. I hope you're still enjoying your mattress; I know it's been three years from the time you bought it.

    Healthy Bed Store


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